Special Events

Day of Readings.  Saturday 14th September.  10:30am - 4:30pm.10 for a 20 minute reading.

The Mediums for the day are Jean Harris, Les Pilgrim, Jill Pickett and Jim Walker CSNU. 

A non- refundable deposit is required before booking.  This can be booked at the Church or via Paypal.




Places are limited so book early to avoid disapointment.

Refreshments are provided BUT please bring a packed lunch.

To book please pay through either PayPal, at the Church or tel 01252 624986.

All workshops require pre-payment when booking to secure your place.  Payments are non-refundable unless the Church cancels the workshop.

If you are unable to attend the Church in person to book your place, alternatively, you can post a cheque made payable to "Fleet Spiritualist Church" BUT please add either a contact number or an address so that should the event be cancelled your payment can be returned to you.


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Other Events

Open Circle

Open Circle will now be held on a regular basis on a Wednesday evening.  The first one will be held on Wednesday 23rd January and thereafter every two weeks.

 7:15 sign in.   7.30pm doors locked untill 9.00pm. Cost 3.

Open circle is aimed at people of all levels of ability, with the purpose of progressing your Spiritual gifts and

expanding your understanding of Spirit and the Spiritualist movement.

Further details please Tel: Denise Plumb on: 07505895388


Open Platform

Held every 2nd Friday of the Month starting at 7:30pm and led by Spencer Rose.

Open to everyone wishing to work and enhance their link with spirit whether it be Clairvoyant, inspired writing or Philosophy' progressing their own abilities within and self Journey.

Member 3

Non-Members 3.50

1.50 for non-participation but to give encouragement to those who are working with the chance you may recieve a message.

For further information please contact Spencer on: 07926598238


Other services

Fleet church offers the following services - weddings, marriage blessings, funerals, and naming ceremonies

For further details please contact the Secretary on 01252 625976

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