Special Events

Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday 23rd June 2021.  7:30pm for an 8:00pm start in the Church.

Please remember to bring a face mask.

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Other Events

Open Circle

Open Circle will now be held on a regular basis.  They be held on 15th & 29th January, 12th & 26th February, 11th March, Not on the 25th Church AGM, 8th & 22nd April, 6th & 20th May, 3rd & 17th June, 1st & 15th & 29th July, 12th & 26th August, 9th & 23rd September, 7th & 21st October, 4th & 18th November, 2nd & 16th December. 

 7:30 sign in.   7.45pm doors locked untill 9.45pm. Cost 3.

Open circle is aimed at people of all levels of ability, with the purpose of progressing your Spiritual gifts and

expanding your understanding of Spirit and the Spiritualist movement.

Further details please Tel: Denise Plumb on: 07505895388


Open Platform

They will be held on 10th January, 14th February, 13th March, 3rd April (brought forward), 1st May (brought forward), 26th June (later date), 10th July, 14th August, 25th September (later date), 9th October, 13th November & 11th December.

Starting at 7:30pm and led by Spencer Rose.

Open to everyone wishing to work and enhance their link with spirit whether it be Clairvoyant, inspired writing or Philosophy' progressing their own abilities within and self Journey.

Member 3

Non-Members 3.50

1.00 for non-participation but to give encouragement to those who are working with the chance you may recieve a message.

For further information please contact Spencer on: 07926598238


Awareness Circle starts Monday 20th April 7.30pm-9.30pm then every other Monday.

Members 3.00/Non-members 3.50. Under the guidance of Tina Axtmann.

Our Awareness Circle is designed for beginners and novices wishing to learn about spiritualism and how to connect and identify themselves with the spirit teaching. You will learn a variety of informative ways of connection that allow your mind to absorb the way in which spirit work and can help your daily life, opening your senses and your spirit within.

Learn how to meditate and develop your mediumistic skills in a gentle understanding way with like-minded people in a friendly environment giving you that confidence and basic knowledge to take the next step forward to our Open Circle.  

Future dates Monday: April 20th, May 4th &18th, June 1st 15th & 29th, July 13th &27th, August 10th & 24th, September 7th & 21st, October 5th & 19th, November 2nd 16th & 30th, December 14th.

For further information phone Tina on 07702591734.


Other services

Fleet church offers the following services - weddings, marriage blessings, funerals, and naming ceremonies

For further details please contact the Secretary on 01252 625976

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