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Services:  Sunday Divine at 6.30pm and Thursday Clairvoyant Evening at 7.30pm (3) 

Sunday Divine Service with Reading/Address and Clairvoyance.  Thursday Service Clairvoyant Evening.


November 2019

Mediums may change at short notice.

Sunday 3rd Sandra Mitchell-Aetheris
Thursday 7th Les & Denise Pilgrim
Sunday 10th Jim Walker CSNU Remembrance Service
Thursday 14th Lorraine Francios & Alan Salmon
Sunday 17th Spencer Rose
Thursday 21st

Will Turner

Sunday 24th Ann-Marie Hogan DSNU
Thursday 28th Aidan Deegan


December 2019

Mediums may change at short notice.

Sunday 1st David Cole CSNU
Thursday 5th Irene Hall

Sunday 8th

Alf Hunt
Thursday 12th Jackie Chapman
Sunday 15th Micheal Lennon
Thursday 19th Carol Service with Mediums Spencer Rose, Kevin Ding & Jim Walker CSNU.  Raffle, drinks, mince pies& savories.
  This is the last service of the year and we re-open on Thursday 9th January 2020
The Committee wish you a  "Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year"


During the demonstration of clairvoyance, the medium will pick out people in the congregation, one at a time, and will pass on information that is being given to him/her by the spirit people. This is evidence to prove their survival. The types of evidence given are names, places they have lived, work, hobbies, personality, memories known only to the spirit person and the recipient, and other information. The more specific the information, the better is the evidence. If you receive a message, you should only answer the medium with a yes or no. If you tell them anything, it may be something the spirit person wishes to say, and then the opportunity for giving that evidence is lost. You will often find the chairperson instructing the congregation not to feed the medium, and this is what they are referring to, not saying that mediums should be starved!

Every demonstration of mediumship has to be always regarded as an experiment, as specific results can not be promised. However we do not ask you to be gullible! Be objective in assessing evidence, but do come to the meeting with an open mind, and with love in your heart. Mediums are susceptible to vibrations and find it harder to work in a hostile atmosphere. If you do not get the evidence at your first visit, give spiritualism a chance, and come again. You will always be welcome.

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